Combolisk Digital Broadcast Network

Status: Pre launch
under construction


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Creating the largest digital broadcasting network on the planet by gifting sponsor created space to local and national non-profit organizations.


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Non-Profit Advertising


Billboard Sized Broadcasts

Reboot Politics

Industry supported digital broadcast displays assembled through a national network of managed and audited broadcast sites 

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Changing the face of politics through a grass roots effort to require auto-reducing campaign caps. Please join the effort and help to reduce the effect of money on buying votes.


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We are constructing the largest digital broadcast assembly on the planet from the ground up. We are soliciting the fortune 1000 companies of this nation to support our effort to organize a non profit organization that will manage and develop an assembly of for profit digital broadcast sites in a united effort to provide free broadcast space to  the nonprofits of our commuity by reaching the millions of travelers on our roadways. Each eleventh message of jumbo digital screens orientated to the traffic will be gifted to regional and national charities to create public awareness. During elections this broadcast space will be donated to efficient candidates agreeing to campaign expense caps.


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