Our organization is based on exclusive membership


Industry supported digital broadcast displays assembled through a national network of managed and audited broadcast sites our model is based on exclusive membership to the Combolisk.org organization. Our digital sites are based on the outdoor advertising painted bulletin standard fourteen foot by forty-eight foot (672 square feet) standard. This way artwork will be compatible when coverting from a billboard to the Combolisk broadcast. The dimensions may vary slightly due to the number of pixels actually supported due to the number of LED lights actually in the light box housing as the illuminated sign and billboard grew from separtate standards. The advantage of the standardization is that whether the actual Combolisk site is a 14' x 48' spectacular, the 10'6" X 36' cousin or some derivation thereof, the premise is that a single piece of art can be broadcast at any site. This way if local authorities approve leases and or use on public right of way, the site may be significantly smaller in size but give the same visual impact on the viewer's eye because of the distance viewed from the traveler to the edge of the display.


In addition to standardizing the scale of the broadcast site, the concept of exclusive membership applies to membership and adherence to rules and standards. In this way, sponsors can be guaranteed cost effective displays that have value and that existing technologies can be integrated in a safe and harmonious manner. This means that for Combolisks to be developed in any given region, there must be a process for application and notice to local authorities and existing outdoor advertising companies to determine whether existing locations will become grandfathered or combined with the new nonprofit based standard in order to determine the total number of displays in a community. Please follow our link under the Rules page to determine how the quota system, points rating and standards will apply to existing billboards and developed Combolisks. 


We expect social pressure to promote a standard that supports our communities. This begins with asking existing outdoor advertising companies to upgrade to the Combolisk standard. For more information, please follow our link to legacy.




Creating the largest digital broadcasting network on the planet by gifting sponsor created space to local and national non-profit organizations.