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Creating the largest digital broadcasting network on the planet by gifting sponsor created space to local and national non-profit organizations.


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Reboot Politics

We solicited the fortune 1000 CEOs to

assemble a leadership to stand for the people in a nonprofit based assembly of digital broadcasters. Here are their responses.

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Changing the face of politics through a grass roots effort to require auto-reducing campaign caps. Please join the effort and help to reduce the effect of money on buying votes.


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We have a plan to build a new marketing system to replace the billboard industry that evolved without a vision that will not only benefit the businesses of the world but also serve to strengthen the nonprofit sector and unite the people with their government leaders.

Even perhaps before we had speech, we had pictures on walls to warn of dangers and to speak of triumph. This evolved to an unmanaged proliferation of signs which could better be described of as litter on our thoroughfares. The resulting mess was brought under control at the cost of our freedom of speech through the federal Highway Beautification Act.


Our plan is to learn from our mistakes and use two important Supreme Court decisions to build a new system that will provide for new opportunities and create premium digital broadcasts while preserving the value in a limited number of displays to create a safe and valuable asset to the traveling public.


We understand the high court’s opinions in Metromedia vs San Diego and now in Reed vs Town of Gilbert that the government must prove a community value be preserved in regulation of signage or have their ordinances remanded until they do so. The answer, we believe, is that our business leaders unite to form a nonprofit broadcasting organization with exclusive membership to manage itself and provide a mastering licensing opportunity for a new type of sign to replace or upgrade billboards and to provide broadcast space and excess funds to nonprofits. Thus by managing ourselves and giving to the community we can provide the very element the high court requires as a value that government can use to limit signage.


We thus coin a new phrase Combolisk, from the “com” in community with the tail of the Greek Obelisk which were the first written free speech directed toward the traveling public to come up with the basis for a virtual assembly of digital broadcast sites to inform the traveling public of nonprofit messages and sponsored ads alike. By designing a nonprofit assembly of sites with no ohysical premise, we can disregard the need to classify the developments as on or off premise as without premise and we don’t need an occupancy permit as there are no occupants of a building to require traditional permitting authority. And to deny the nonprofit use would be to face the recent precedent that the government must prove a value preserved if the loss of speech would be granted.


To this end we need your help to begin. We are inviting each Fortune 1000 company to become a member and that we form an organization, We will build two Combolisk digital broadcast sites and use the membership funds to defend them as necessary. From there we begin to add new locations and convert billboards to combolisks as appropriate. As a business you will then have the ability to utilize your own businesses as broadcast sites pending approval though the rules of the organization and utilize the broadcast venues for broadcasting your own messages as sponsors to the outdoor digital venues in support of the central free nonprofit messages which are all directed to the traveling public as you would a traditional digital outdoor advertising broadcast.


The upgraded difference between our sites and traditional outdoor is the central nonprofit organization. The expense of sponsoring each eleventh free message to nonprofit and political candidates will be absorbed in the cost of the sponsorships for the remaining ten sponsors (five per face) of the broadcast site. In addition a small fee will be collected by to audit traffic, provide completion reports, and run the organization with any excess funds being directed toward nonprofit workers outside the organization. You along with the independent site operators, government leaders, and land owners will be voting members of the organization with a responsibility to carry on the vision.

Membership is directed toward our goal of developing the virtual assembly and then providing solutions for the nonprofit sector. To that end we are asking for ten thousand dollars per year to become members and to have your sponsorship broadcast on out two initial sites. These funds will be deposited with our attorney and utilized for our development and defense. Once the organization is launched we will manage the funds through the organization and invitations for fortune 1000 members will be raised to a million dollars in order to utilize the network. This means there is a tremendous value to getting in at the roots and help us become a valuable entity. We provide ten planks for ensuring our success.


  1. Ensure the safety of the community.
  2. Centered on community. Designed for nonprofit broadcast and support.
  3. Preserve the integrity of the intellectual property.
  4. Educate staff and business partners regarding scope of Combolisk project.
  5. Identify opportunities to develop broadcast sites.
  6. Sponsor broadcasts.
  7. Defend constitutional rights to assemble and promote free speech.
  8. Engage in the operations of the organization.
  9. Respect all people.
  10. Be creative.

Realize that our system will also promote social media. Not only are we reserving 1% of gross revenue to give back to the community as games and responses to our displays, we will also ask the people to support those that support us. The converse is also true but we hope to dwell on the positive. We will tell everyone that you support us from the moment your response to our request for funding is submitted to your organization and recorded on our site.


Please contact us for further information and follow the links to our rules pages to see how we plan to upgrade billboards and provide new Combolisk broadcast sites to our communities.