Creating the largest digital broadcasting network on the planet by gifting sponsor created space to local and national non-profit organizations...

Our project is centered around the community and a nonprofit organization assembled for the purpose of creating outdoor digital broadcasting sites to promote nonprofit messages to nonprofit organizations in the community. Our focus is in providing a free venue to support our government. We believe it is essential to preserve the element of free speech and the ability to reach out to the traveling public. This goes back to the foundation of this country when displaying lights in a church steeple during the famous ride of Paul Reveere indicated the location of the oppositioin forces. "One if by land. Two if by Sea." Well three is a little late but we will be broadcasting by Combolisk.


A digital broadcast site is similar to a giant computer screen. Messages are broadcast and changed every few seconds. Our system will incorporate combinations of nonprofit messages to advertise local, regional and national interests much like the digital billboards which have appeared on highways and marquees in recent years.

The cost of building and maintaining digital broadcast space is cost prohibitive to many nonprofits. Thus we have created a business model to build the broadcast sites and gift the message space to all nonprofits interested in utilizing the broadcast space. The cost for developing and maintaining the broadcast sites will be accomplished by allowing for profit entities to manage each of the individual sites and provide additional broadcast space to sponsors willing to adhere to the rules of membership. These rules will include gifting each eleventh broadcast message to the nonprofit community. The local site operators will also be required to contribute two percent of gross revenues from the sponsor revenue to These monies will be used to fund the operations of the organization. Any excess funds collected from the organization including a defense fund for preserving the constitutional rights of the members will be donated to a nonprofit distribution organization specializing in funding nonprofit workers.


The core of the project is to support our government and provide a bridge between the people and the people that run the people. We believe that the cost and process for being elected to office has become so large that it may have an affect on our political process. Thus our pro government apolitical system is to gift the nonprofit space equally to all candidates during campaigns. In order to prevent this free space from increasing the overall cost of campaigns we require that each candidate that wants to have free space join Equal Foot. This will be a spin off of our organization that manages an auto reducing campaign expense cap web site. Its goal is to create a grass roots movement of people to require their candidates join the organization with proof on their campaign materials of the Equal Foot logo. Candidates agreeing to the rules of the organization which include a ten percent reduction each campaign will be allowed to display the logo. Those not displaying the logo should expect to get the boot or at least have a shoe placed with him or her to demonstrate the people's will to slow down the escalation of campaign expense. Please see the Equal Foot site for more information.


The organization will be responsible for the day to day operations of the assembly of sites. The organization members will vote on rules and develop process for the staff to maintain, safe, orderly, responsible, and effective broadcast displays. The organization will provide a map of proposed and developed sites which meet the quota and point rating system to ensure that the displays adhere to a high standard. Records will be kept of the development of each site including statement of leasehold interest, certified stamped plans for placement of the Combolisk, record of placement of the Combolisk meeting national standards, maintenance records, proof of performance for sponsors, audited ratings for complying with quota and points system, and traffic audits to determine the value of each site.


The organization will be virtual in nature. It will not maintain any sites but lease each of the developed sites to the local operators by assignment of a leasehold interest which gives authority to local operators for managing each local broadcast site for profit. Operators and members will be required to adhere to the rules of the organization. Members which do not adhere to the rules will be removed by a staff decision. Staff decisions may be mediated to resolve issues under the spirit of the organization. Mediated decisions may be appeacled to the members at large. A majority vote of the members with at least fifty percent reporting will be the final decision. Expelled members may apply for reinstatement with the understanding that membership is a priviledge and that the membership rate will be doubled from the last membership approved.

Please see the rules page for additional information on the rules of the organization.

Creating the largest digital broadcasting network on the planet by gifting sponsor created space to local and national non-profit organizations.