Point Rating System

The purpose of the Point Rating System is to keep value in the Combolisk sites by limiting spacing between Combolisks and providing hindrance to safety while providing a harmonious environment between the public, sponsors, and members of the organization as well as providing a transition from communities with billboards to Combolisk. The following table indicates the values which are guidelines for the rating system. Staff will be responsible to ensure the ratings for each site are recorded and available for each proposed location and periodically updated and recorded as an ongoibg process. The method for applying a rating shall be submission of still photos and map of the location as well as one minute videos showing the approach from all directions of broadcast view. Seven broadcast owners shall be randomly solicited from the list of members to rate the data. The top and bottom scores shall be deleted and the average for the remaining results will be the recorded numbers until the next audit. A new audit shall be made at completion of installation.




Point System





Beyond quota limits


Combolisk has determined a minimum and maximum quota for the number of Combolisks in a community to promote safety to the traveling public. Quota is a single location pending exhaustion of due process and initial support of a city/county for a single Combolisk and increase in quota by legislation.

Does not exhaust priority list


Combolisk recognizes existing billboards submitted for relocation and locations awaiting development including pre-launch reserved locations. See priority list.

Within 1500 feet of a recorded leasehold interest


See priority list.

Within 1000 feet of another Combolisk


Measured as radius along the same direction of travel

Within 1000 feet of an off premise advertising structure


Measured as radius along the same direction of travel

Right hand read



Cross read



Head on




-1 to -5

Objects that travel through the approach

Out of line of site with existing field of vision

-1 to –5

Above mountains, trees,…

Line of site to prominent feature or historical feature

-1 to -10

Scenic byways, lakes, mountains, forests,…

Traffic pattern

0 to +5

2 lanes to multiple lanes of volume traffic

Stop light




-2 to +2



0 to +3

Optimum height is 16’ above grade but at window height of travelers.

Church, school, cemetery, park

0 to –3


Length of approach

-2 to +3



-2 to +2

Appropriate size for speed and offset from traveled way

Distance from right of way

-2 to +2



-2 to +2


Intervening Structure


Locations utilizing intervening structures help reduce visual clutter of the line of site. Intervening structure could be an interchange



Rooftops should be avoided for broadcast

More then one face in any direction of travel


Combolisks should have a single face per direction of travel

Locations within 150 feet of an interchange


Actual interchange area such as the point of widening at an on/off ramp.

Withing 500 feet of an interchange and interferes with line of site


Combolisks should be on single poles at least fifteen feet above grade on 0 grade to not interfere with line of site.

Not single pole design


Combolisks should be on a single pole. Non single pole designs are not discounted for locations low to ground with skirt design or on locations on intervening buildings/structures.

Bridges/backs of right of way


Combolisks should be encouraged to be smaller and placed in rights of way where allowed. Two single faced Combolisks within 1000 foot of the point of widening on opposite sides of an interchange are encouraged and shall be regarded as a single location

Scaled broadcast images


Displays should be scalable from 14’ x 48’

Combolisk replaced with multiple Combolisk


Combolisks are replaced on a unit for unit basis without regard to number of faces

Combolisks displaying more then five paid plus one nonprofit broadcast per space before repeating




-10 to +10

Commercial and industrial areas with active use are preferred. Residential zones should be limited