Status: Pre launch
under construction


Development Process

The following list indicates the steps that must be completed in order to develop a Combolisk broadcast site. Approved applications by will be dependent on operators who have applied for membership and/or remain in good standing with the organization. This means operators must conform to the rules of the organization which include following the point and quota system and develop broadcast sites in conformance with the waiting list and process which includes notification of development to local authorities and outdoor advertising operators.                                                                                                                        

Application Process

Application Process

  1. Review waiting list, points, and quota details for proposed site to determine feasability.
  2. Secure property interest by leasehold or purchase.
  3. Mark proposed location with
  4. Record videos/pics.
  5. Submit application to including certified stamped structural drawings as necessary.
  6. Review previous responses from local authorities including governor, DOT, mayor and/or county commissioner(s).
  7. Record approved application on site.
  8. Install broadcast site under guidance of a certified building inspector.
  9. Record new pics and videos along with record of inspections to
  10. Comply with maintenance requirements