Broadcast Site Quotas

The broadcast site quotas for sites by city, region, and state are determined by the launch status and application by Combolisk broadcasters and billboard operators that have notified local authorities of the opportunity to determine the quota rate. The responses and quotas for each region will be recorded in the table at the bottom of this page. The top table indicates the quota rules to be determined by each region based on the launch phase of the organization.




Existing Billboards converted to Combolisk


One Combolisk per 20,000 in population. So if the population is 53,000 Combolisk would issue 3 Combolisks to serve the population until the next census. If the next census is greater then 60,000 then more Combolisks would be developed to meet the quota as per the waiting list. If the population reduces, then the newest Combolisks would become subject to grandfather rights and their relocation would be subject to the waiting list rules.

Each legal billboard submitted for application as a Combolisk will be subject to a ratio established at time of application and registration. Application is $1000 per billboard for the first 100 and $100 thereafter. The ratio is one structure for each Combolisk and does not include multiple facings in the count. The ratio is subject to the Min and Max categories and ratio under new population counts. Billboards shall not grow in size when upgraded to Combolisks. Local ordinance will determine if one side square footages can be combined to reduce the number of upgrades.

One Combolisk per 5,000 in population. Waiting list and new applications approved per the min category and subject to 5k interval. The maximum is one Combolisk per city or county/parish pending resolution of dispute per exhaustion of due process and initial favorable response of allowing one Combolisk under said authority given initial request for legislation in the region.

The Min category can only be applied if the governing authority favorably acknowledges Combolisks under and the governed area has no existing billboards. The Existing category can only be applied if the governing authority favorably acknowledges Combolisks under and the governed area requires billboards to register under Billboards must be registered to be considered for relocation as Combolisks. Existing billboards must meet Legacy components. The Max category is the default category if the local authority does not sign a letter of intent to adopt for development of outdoor broadcast sites as Combolisks. Applicability of the other categories shall apply where applicable.
* Quota is increased to N +1 to accomodate at least one Combolisk for every city/region/state of population 5,000 or over.