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The following "about us" is the basis for a set of rules including a point and quota system to encourage quality outdoor digital broadcasts to the traveling public while detering but not prohibiting broadcast sites contrary to established norms. The spirit of the point system must be maintained by the organization although the members may implement additional constraints and values in the spirit of maintaining safe thoroughfares. The point system is used to judge each location relative to signage, objects, and conditions around proposed and existing Combolisk locations. Businesses that sponsor Combolisk broadcasts must review the points system to ensure that broadcast sites will add productive marketing to the businesses as well as keep the value of the Combolisk system. No business should sponsor locations with a negative point value. This will cause the sponsor to lose its membership in the organization. Reinstatement will double each time a sponsor reapplies for membership. Although this will benefit the nonprofit organizations the Combolisk organization supports, it will be a detriment to the value of the Combolisk system. The Rules will be managed within the organization membership keeping the spirit of the original intellectual property. Individual results will vary. will become a nonprofit entity.

Quotas will determine the range in number of broadcast Combolisk sites down to the local, and regional (county) level. Quotas are set based upon the action and legislation enacted by local authorities in response to proposed development by independent Combolisk operators. The basic premise is that authorities and existing outdoor advertising businesses that work with will benefit by limiting the number of development sites and preserving the opportunity to convert billboards to Combolisks.

The true value to the approach is to incorporate the value that has been preserved in the Supreme Court Decisions. Both in the Metromedia v San Diego and Reed v Town of Gilbert decisions, the high court has determined that effective legislation is made to preserve a community value. Creating as a membership based nonprofit which funnels broadcast capabilities and excess funds to nonprofit entities is a value which benefits the public based on business sponsorship revenue generation. Free broadcast space for local, regional and national campaigns provides additional value which support the communities' need to limit the number of outdoor broadcast sites and organize the assembly to promote the entire good of the people and for the people. We hope the general public, Combolisk operators, business sponsors, land owners, government, and especially our fortune 1000 business leaders will support our endeavors and make this system work.

We are pleased to announce the proposed development of a new virtual assembly for nonprofit outdoor roadside broadcasts in the United States. These sites, termed Combolisks, are dedicated to enhancing our communities. As former billboard operators concerned about our nation, we have developed an idea and process to invoke healthy change for the people. Billboards left unregulated, as you are undoubtedly aware, created blight on our communities and now we are reinventing a technology with a process to do it right this time. We need your help. Formerly there were many locations that were not fit for sale being left in disrepair while other sites were overpopulated with ads that became unsightly at best, and created an interference with the safe movement of the traveling public at worst. To that end the Highway Beautification Act was formed to coerce local government into contractual obligations with the federal government to monitor space and limit development to commercial and industrial real properties, preventing loss of federal highway monies to comply with a minimum standard rather than wait for self-regulation or local control to solve the issues. This was at the cost of the people’s freedom of speech and an inherent right to communicate with the traveling public.

This is a new age of technology. As a result the viewing audience has been fractured among many venues and entertainment options. The people have so many opportunities with online games, DVDs and cable that the opportunity to assemble to speak the will of the people or support change through our leaders is lost in multitasking or apathy regarding our own future. Thus we hope to take advantage of our need to travel with the opportunity travel has always given to communicate with a value based nonprofit system to produce change. We can’t do this without your recognition of the need to go forward with an independent organization monitoring the needs of the people independent of government while supporting the government and utilizing or national business leaders to work in concert with a complete idea. We seek to forge a new partnership in the idea of the Combolisk.

There are two premises to our system. We begin with the Greek Obelisk as the first broadcast to the traveling public, which must be considered as a right inherent to real property along traveled roadways and is protected by our right to free speech as this predates government itself. This is in no short measure why the Supreme Court in Metromedia vs. San Diego successfully remanded a prohibition against all billboards in protection of the nonprofit right to free speech.

(c) However, the city's general ban on signs carrying noncommercial advertising is invalid under the First and Fourteenth Amendments. The fact that the city may value commercial messages relating to onsite goods and services more than it values commercial communications relating to offsite goods and services does not justify prohibiting an occupant from displaying his own ideas or those of others. Furthermore, because under the ordinance's specified exceptions some noncommercial messages may be conveyed on billboards throughout the commercial and industrial zones, the city must allow billboards conveying other noncommercial messages throughout those zones. The ordinance cannot be characterized as a reasonable "time, place, and manner" restriction. Pp. 512-517.

The justices also recognized a local government’s right to regulate and the idea that a prohibition of all outdoor advertising could be made in service to a greater public need. Thus the second tenet of our system is an organization which maintains a public record of the development and management of for profit local broadcast sites into a virtual assembly dedicated to promoting local as well as national goals. This nonprofit assembly will be formed as an organization to develop and manage Combolisks and maintain a database of legal off premise outdoor structures scheduled for upgrade so that the outdated billboard standard may be retired. We thus take “Com” from community and add it to the end of obelisk to trademark a new term, Combolisk for defining the organization and individual broadcast units in said assembly for the people. will solicit the help of business and government to forge the partnership. We will also seek a grass roots movement and crowd funding to drive the premise of the Combolisk to the people. We will ask the fortune 1000 in our nation to donate funds for the legal defense of all who come against the organization and ask them to commit to advertising only through Combolisks, billboards scheduled for upgrade and a national registry of legal billboards that the organization will publish. Since we will have no authority to limit the installation of Combolisks, we will seek the help of our business leaders to limit their sponsorship and budget to those locations, which meet the grading standard that are adjusted through the membership of the organization. We invite you to become members of that system. Once we have formed the entity through crowd funding, we will develop two broadcast sites. Additionally our web site for the organization will publically display all correspondence from our leaders and monitor each site’s development and maintenance. The two initial Combolisks will broadcast the movement to the traveling public. We are asking that you work with us in order to be on the side of the people as we publish the results and build the movement.

Like some of the fortune 1000 companies that have a master billboard lease licensee for organizing all billboard leases from independent operators located on real properties across various states and jurisdictions, our national coalition will promote outdoor digital broadcasts through These Combolisks will stand ready to notify the public individually, by region, or as a united nation in an instant as this is a right guaranteed by our foundation as a republic and a necessary component to stand for the people as a single voice if necessary. The independent Combolisks owned by property owners, operators, and/or individuals will be sponsored by businesses for their cost of development and upkeep of the nonprofit broadcast faces. A percentage of broadcast space will be monitored and a percentage of gross revenue will be collected by for nonprofits in the communities serving each region. We believe this is more than a right, we feel given today’s social climate and the technological advances of our government, it is necessary.

From the first two locations, we will solicit additional for profit broadcasters to extend our nonprofit organization based on their adherence to our minimum standards supported by our government and business leaders. For membership, our organization will require that every eleventh message displayed be a nonprofit message broadcast at no charge. The local operators will weigh which nonprofits will benefit from the dedicated broadcast space. Two percent of the gross revenue will be pooled to fund nonprofit workers after meets expenses. And in time of political campaigns, all nonprofit broadcast space will be devoted to giving free political advertising to all registered candidates to promote government but with no political agenda. will require that candidates are members of This organization will be dedicated to managing campaign expenses with auto-reducing budget caps unless members agree to modify the budget cap. This way the people can hope to elect officials that have not compromised their vote by the cost of reaching the public to become elected. The instant exposure to a distributed network of free Combolisk broadcasts combined with low cost of social networking will allow individuals to compete with money war chests. Equalfoot will ensure that giving away valuable broadcast space for free doesn’t simply add to campaign waste and promote efficiency. You won’t get to use the Equalfoot logo if you don’t agree to expense caps and you are likely to get the boot if the people recognize their opportunity to demand all politicians join Equalfoot to have a chance of becoming elected. Thus you can understand why we will stand to ensure these inherent rights will be lodged against anyone trying to interfere, why we will be successful in the courts and with the people, and why you do not want to appear on the wrong side of history as this grass roots movement reaches those that have come to fear government as an oppressive anti-people establishment in movements such as Occupy Wall Street, the Bundy standoff, and in Ferguson.

Since a virtual assembly of free speech broadcasts may not require a permit for occupancy or for building, we may not need to seek a permit under local authority to broadcast a site. However, will require the submission of structurally stamped drawings, a record of location, and witness by a recognized inspector in the development and placement of Combolisks within a spacing and a quota system under rules of the organization in order to become a member. We must have the support of our business leaders so that the rating system and quotas support the community and prevent unauthorized proliferation and safe travel. Since all properties are potential locations of each million dollar project, the hope is that property owners will refrain from developing locations that the fortune 1000 and those supporting the movement will deem unfit for support dollars. If the business leaders and the community come together, there is no need for further regulation by our government other then the constitutional rights we currently have and the recognition of the movement. Consider the ad to the right which shows a sign or what could be a big screen tv in someone’s window displaying the Geico ad inside a turnpike service plaza along the corridor between the Midwest and the East. Can the government censor what we display to our neighbors through the window? What is a digital broadcast but a personal computer with a large monitor? Does an individual that has lost value in real property next to an interstate and sound wall have the right to build an obelisk above the wall and use income from ad space to redeem the value lost to the property’s proximity to the noisy interstate? Our goal is to promote self-regulation through operators that submit to said regulation and to obtain the support from business leaders that will only sponsor locations under self rule because the inherent rights of real estate and those that own it must be preserved. Realize that with today’s digital and wireless technology, we can display an image for free ie nonprofit on the Combolisk and broadcast the nonprofit message to a website where the image becomes a paid ad thus eliminating the concepts of off/on premise from the zoning equation as well as moving the revenue off-site. We would rather support local operators and spend money locally so that everyone benefits from a new paradigm in broadcasting.

While we don’t require anything from the executive branches of local government, we want this to be a win/win for all and promote the inevitable movement to Combolisks as that nonprofit based social value anticipated in the court’s decision. To this end we would like for both the state and local government to recognize our movement with the fundamentals of our governing rules. Inherent is recognition and respect to those on the right side of preserving rights inherent to the constitution. Our waiting list incorporates a waiting period and resolution of any legal issues pending regarding the placement of sites.

Our basic premise is that a minimum of one Combolisk be placed for each twenty thousand count of population. As an example, the last census of the population of Castle Rock, CO was fifty-three thousand. would only recognize the first three locations under the 20k minimum standard. We believe the maximum standard (quota) should be one Combolisk per 5k population. Since 53,000/5,000 = 10.6 then ten locations would be approved under the cap if there is no action by the city of Castle Rock to our request for legislation. Since we are apolitical and support all people, we recognize the inherent right to existing billboard companies that have legal billboard locations in commercial and industrial zones and with grandfathered locations in rural and agricultural in the right to relocate and/or upgrade to Combolisk rules. Given the right to upgrade over time or face attrition due to a prohibition against billboards in favor of the upgraded Combolisk standard, we believe the existing billboard companies will begin spreading out their locations and upgrading over time especially if prompted by local legislation affecting new and existing signage as our rules extend to all real estate. Thus the minimum limit will be adjusted to allow a ratio formed by dividing the legal billboards divided by the existing population on a pole for pole basis. In other words, one Combolisk per billboard structure with the understanding that twenty-five percent of the registered billboards be converted to Combolisks every five years until all are converted. Locations submitted for preservation on the relocation list will be considered before allowing new locations under the Combolisk rules as it is desirable to limit the overall number of digital broadcasts including billboards in a community. In the Castle Rock example, presume that there were ten existing billboards then the ratio would be one Combolisk per five thousand three hundred if the city responds to the organization’s initial notification and reduces the maximum cap. If no legislation is made then there would be no blocking development of Combolisks and preservation of billboard upgrades and the billboard companies would be required to preserve their opportunities by application. Combolisk would limit new applications via the 5k max rule and through the list preserved in the quota rules from the applications received. The outdoor companies will benefit under legislation by having relocations and sell more ad space with a finite ratio in place. Digital structures by rule will allow up to five broadcasts for each fixed face plus the nonprofit every second series rotation. Existing digital structures would just need to register with and be tied into reporting and nonprofit broadcast rules. For billboard companies failing to submit to the rules of holding legal locations and relocation rights by submitting their locations for upgrade, they will be subject to the spacing and quota rules of The new greater community good would warrant the prohibition of all billboards in support of the upgraded standard to the’s minimum standard through legislation or attrition. See our tables following this letter for further clarification. All existing and new billboards which are registered with are considered part of the quota.

As diversity is sought in an expanded market of digital broadcast sites as Combolisks, the following will also be rules. First is that there be at least one new Combolisk for each population center. Thus if there are existing billboards in the population area, the quota is expanded to N plus 1 to ensure that there is at least one Combolisk in the population region. Second, existing outdoor billboard operators will need to complete migration of at least fifty percent of their upgrades from billboard to Combolisk before being eligible for new locations to fulfill a quota. This includes populations within a market that do not have billboards. As an example, Boise is a city within the Treasure Valley which extends from Boise, Idaho to Onario, Oregon. Meridian has a negative billboard ordinance. The existing billboard operators within the region would not be allowed to fulfill the quota in Meridian until fifty percent of the billboards have been upgraded to Combolisks in the entire Treasure Valley.

Since this "about us" as sent in a letter to local authorities and their response will be recorded for public viewing, we believe it is in the best interest of our government and that of the community to share in our vision for a new ordinance that provides an upgrade and conversion of outdoor advertising and recognition to Combolisks. The new ordinance should require legal billboards be submitted to for maintaining a list for future relocation and recognition under a dated waiting list. will not support any new applications pending exhaustion of the llist unless propertly challenged. This entails at least one Combolisk has been created, the 5k maximum locations have been placed, the ratio cap has been reached, including legislation to recognize the billboards, or the minimum 20k has met if capped under new legislation. New locations due to increases following national census will be randomly selected from applicants once a period for each location in the priority list for relocation is given a chance to meet the additional spacing and leasehold challenges so there discrimination as in current replacement ordinances. During this pre-launch phase of development we are asking authorities in the Denver metro area to send a letter of support within ninety days of date of mailing in order to preserve the most restrictive options under the proposed rules of the organization. We also ask that they join us in drafting unified legislation in support of this community effort. As a master licensee, will ensure equal opportunity for all to benefit from an organized effort to communicate and build support through our community, business leaders, advertising community and politicians. We will solicit the fortune 1000 to support these efforts and agree to advertise on approved billboards and Combolisks on the map created at and to use ratings to refrain from using sites developed that do not meet the standards agreed to by the members. The authorities solicited will have have one year to support the legislation assigning as the master license for outdoor digital broadcast space once is formed and launched. No action would presume the community will support the 5k maximum standard and existing billboards will be considered under spacing rules but not under the number quota unless the billboard companies make application. We will record a lack of support on our site so that our grass roots movement of the people will know who supports this people’s movement.

We have targeted Denver metro generally and the smaller municipalities with prohibitive ordinances on purpose for the rollout of the Combolisks. By the court case cited above, prohibitive ordinances are evidence of law negatively impacting inherent civil rights to the United States Constitution. To reclaim the people’s lost rights, the expectation is that any attempt to block our use could result in fiascos equal to or greater then the negative sentiments already described. We hope that by bringing this to our leaders' attention, we can address the issues with legislation that will pave the new road and then generalize to the rest of the nation. Does your legislator become the legislator that fought with the people to create a new public good, or the one broadcast from the Combolisk site that gets picked up by the network as the grass roots movement takes shape? We hope that you can see why we are providing full opportunity to do what is best for the people and help us preserve the rights of the people by involving everyone through notification in our process. On the other hand, supporting us and paving the way to recognize our organization would promote public good and upgrade broadcasts along thoroughfares allowing individuals to benefit from the loss of value to real property located along major routes. This equally promotes government and business while allowing our community to provide reasonable accommodations and upgrades to the advertising and broadcast communities. It will build a national system for recognition of nonprofit businesses and help forge the way for political change while providing a measured response to the new technologies, which left unbalanced, could be used against the people.

Our process requires forwarding a copy of our letter to the governor, Congress, and the Department of Transportation Secretary in addition to each local authority. We believe the governor should ask the attorney general to defend the rights of Combolisks and to be on the right side of history by incorporating the pilot project by eminent domain and just compensation in the event that the DOT does not recognize the right and a negative decision is upheld through due process. The Secretary of the Department of Transportation should recognize the act is a legal reclamation project and not withhold any highway funds until the exhaustion of said due process given the high court precedent, the current climate of our communities, and the need for social change. If not upheld at the level of the Supreme Court, or with new legislation, we believe the people will demand it.

We are taking the first baby steps in what should prove to be a national broadcasting system second to none in terms or reaching the traveling public. Since we are soliciting responses from each authority in Denver metro and the state and federal government, we ask that each work toward the common goal of allowing the Combolisk but submit to the higher authority for testing the acceptance of what is believed to be a right inherent to real property and preserved by the bill of rights. We have drafted a planned rollout to help you if you help us. We ask that you would honor a single location by variance from each authority with the understanding that the broadcast site be located on a site, which would qualify for outdoor advertising from the state if an application for outdoor advertising were applied for. This way, the state, if it chooses to dissent would bear the cost of litigation for the fist Combolisk and that it could be converted to a legal off premise sign following the exhaustion of due process if necessary. This would also entail replacing a prohibitive ordinance with a replacement ordinance to allow at least the one broadcast site to remain and appear in good standing with the court’s precedent if the plan for Combolisks is not successful. Combolisk would not create additional locations until after the exhaustion of due process or post launch of the organization if all authorities draft legislation recognizing the organization thus fixing known issues with prohibitive billboard ordinances and siding with due process of the people.

In addition to supporting the concept of self regulation and rules imposed by the community through as a necessary pro government apolitical master licensee, we also ask that you consider legislation that will allow your own local and state properties the opportunities to benefit from leasehold interests. The beauty of supporting a standard broadcast size is that the computer technology allows scaling of the broadcast unlike the wood, metal and painted technologies considered under the beautification act. This means that sites developed closer can be smaller as they have the same impact on the eye. With today’s technology it makes more sense to overhang the right of way to avoid going over trees or buildings or even utilize unused bridge or the back of signs in existing rights of way in an effort to decrease visual impact. The picture to the right indicates an example of a legal billboard in the heart of New York along I-95. This sign could be smaller if it were digital. If it created an unsafe condition, it would not exist on one of the busiest routes in America. The second picture to the right indicates competitive advertising on rights of way with existing structures called highway logos. To the left is the back of an existing right of way sign that could be used to safely display a Combolisk. While we believe the government cannot regulate or interfere outside the scope we have described, the community could benefit from promoting the use of government owned property. Even the prettiest of bridges could benefit from having the placement of scaled Combolisks to reduce the visual impact to the adjacent line of site.

In closing, we need to remember our history. While we may not have had the need to find blocks or steps to reach be able to be seen over the barricade separating a home from the neighboring interstate, our founding fathers put candle power in the steeple of a church during the famous ride of Paul Revere, and we all remember the aftermath of the minutemen in response to tyranny from our history lessons of the cry “One if by Land. Two if by sea.” Well we may have been late to the party, but “Three if by Combolisk.” We may not have had the efficiency of digital technology and LED but do you think in a minute, we will not show up to stand for our right to elect leaders that will support our right to elect those that will fight to preserve our rights?