To lease or develop your property as a Combolisk site, please review the Rules link on our site.



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gallery/usstates is proud to offer the first Combolisk in the nation for development in the Boise metro area. Please select this link for more information and a contract. We plan to solicit minute businesses that are patriots and develop the location by April 2017.


Combolisk Organization has begun a process to bring freedom of speech back to our communities. In the name of the people we have coined a new term, Combolisk to instill the inherent right of the land in the Greek Obelisk to broadcast to travelers with to the community through digital outdoor displays. This should be a nonregulated activity by our government as they have done the same process to define highway logos, bus benches and transit shelters as competition to regulated billboards. 


One if by land. Two if by sea. Now three if by Combolisk. We need you to support us and become patriots to help us claim the outdoor space for the community. Through social pressure and membership to our organization, we will ensure the first and every eleventh message of Combolisks be dedicated to community use. will also ensure that we elect leaders by reducing the effect of money in politics. If we get special interests and businesses to equally fund all candidates in Equalfoot, we put the people above the special interests. 


For more information, please watch these youtube vides:           Combolisk Organization                        Patriot Game


Click Here to view or join the Minute Businesses and people that have joined our movement