Here is the timeline for the Combolisk Project

The following table indicates the timeline for the Combolisk project development and shall serve to record the application for new broadcast sites and recordings of existing billboards as received by the Combolisk organization

11/1963 Founder born into the industry (baptized into Naegele family)
01/1981 Founder began working in the industry and started proposing alternatives to billboards such as greenhouses and flags
01/1989 Founder started Read Ink Outdoor Advertising
11/2000 Read Ink sold to Lamar Outdoor
08/2013 Concepts of Freeway ideas gives birth to the intellectual idea behind Combolisk. (see original).
05/2015 Founder paid for legal help to look for opportunities to bring Combolisk to the Denver metro area.
06/2015 First lease for Combolisk verbally agreed to by merchant in Castle Rock, CO.
  click here for First Combolisk files for Castle Rock, CO
07/2015 Combolisk name filed with Colorado
04/2016 Letter sent to top 25 law schools. Initial leases sought.
07/2016 Combolisk site secured. I-84 Meridian, Idaho
07/2016 Letter sent to all governors requesting all facts, findings and conclusions of law validating sign codes. See Responses and Receipts
08/2016 Filed for nonprofit Corporation in Colorado as Combolisk Organization
09/2016 Filed form IRS1023 for charitable contribution with IRS.
10/2016 Formation of Board. Adopted Freeway Ideas, web site, Rules, Quota, Legacy, Membership
10/2016 Filed assumed name in Idaho to begin solicitation of businesses
10/2017 Denied nonprofit status by IRS
11/2017 IRS Denial Response