Waiting List

The following table indicates the priorities given to each Combolisk and/or upgrade of billboard to Combolisk from date of application to the Combolisk organization as recorded in the timeline.



Waiting List Priority


  1. The Lowest Combolisk number in the registry of Combolisks
  2. The first Combolisk location submitted in each municipality/authority
  3. Previous local Combolisks waiting to be relocated
  4. Previous state Combolisks waiting to be relocated
  5. Pre-launch Combolisks assigned number but not assigned municipality
  6. Fortune 1000 reserved locations
  7. Existing billboards registered and awaiting relocation as Combolisks
  8. General applications meeting Rules and Quota requirements

*See Notes Below



Priorities and waiting list priorities may be bumped. There is a ninety day waiting period to bump any Combolisk application which challenges a priority or wait ahead in line based on no pending legal issues. As an example, consider a billboard which has been removed due to loss of lease and is awaiting relocation. If there is a new location for the billboard to become a Combolisk yet there is a Pre-launch suppoerter with a higher priority, that position can be challenged to fill the quota unless there is a pending application from the higher priority with a legal hold. Thus the higher priority is forced to complete development or wait for the quota to drop below full again either by attrition of locations or by quota number change via the new census numbers.


Waits are for local development. If the broadcast site is not in city, then the waiting list is prioritized by the region. Combolisks not relocated are added to the waiting list of the local or region in which they reside. Original development pre launch holds may move to any local, region, or state. 


Billboards registered on the waiting list are subject to conversion to community use requirement. Operators must covert five percent of their existing billboard faces to community use within five years of initial membership. Within ten years, twenty-five percent of the operators faces must be converted to Combolisks or used for community. After thrity years, fifty percent of remaining billboard faces must be used exclusively for community.


In order for billboards registered for upgrade to Combolisk remain in a conforming status, ten percent of the display space of each company or structure must be converted to free use to nonprofit(s) within ten years of date the structure is registered with Combolisk.org. Operators of multiple locations may submit letters of certification that the ten percent has been applied to the total numbrer of faces left for upgrade in a plant and/or georgraphic area. Within twenty years, the nonprofit use shall increase to fifty percent. Operators may choose to add faces on single faced structures to reach the desired nonprofit use percentages.


*Note there is a legal hold on all new state and region buildouts for one hundred eighty days (180) to determine if there will be legal issues filed regarding the introduction of Combolisks to any market. Legal issues include challenges by authority to the development of sites and/or pending legislation as a response or notice by authority(s) for the proposed development site(s).