We are building the world's largest outdoor Digital Broadcast Network


We are constructing the largest digital broadcast assembly on the planet from the ground up. We are soliciting the fortune 1000 companies of this nation to support our effort to organize a non profit organization that will manage and develop an assembly of for profit digital broadcast sites in a united effort to provide free broadcast space to  the nonprofits of our commuity by reaching the millions of travelers on our roadways. Each eleventh message of jumbo digital screens orientated to the traffic will be gifted to regional and national charities to create public awareness. During elections this broadcast space will be donated to efficient candidates agreeing to campaign expense caps.


Here is a little history lesson so that you can appreciate where we are and where we are going. First and foremost, the issue of signs dates back to the beginning of history. From cave writings and petro glyphs to the Greek Obelisk, informing the traveling public is a unique form of speech that is inherent to the land. Fast forward to the colonists uniting against tyranny to form our nation, you can probably remember how one if by land and two if by sea was displayed in the steeple of a church as an announcement following the famous ride of Paul Revere to prepare the minute men for the invading force and what could be regarded as our first defense of freedom of speech as incorporated into the Bill of Rights of our United States Constitution. During the era of President Johnson, his wife, Lady Byrd as she was referred affectionately to became the voice of cleaning up the outdoor advertising and junkyards that had become a blight to our nation's highway. The result was the federal Highway Beautification Act which required each state to enforce a contract between the state and the federal government for managing billboards with certain standards or face a loss of ten percent of federal highway funds for noncompliance. It also provided just compensation as also required by the Constitution and forced the government to pay top dollar for much of the unsold billboards described above.


The reason the government had to step in to manage billboards is that the industry did not police itself. First anyone could put up some support sticks, hang a face, and then receive revenue for advertising. The issue is that too many billboards or billboards in undesirable locations can lead to unsold faces. Unsold faces leads to failing billboard companies or at least an opportunity for the affected sites to become in a state of disrepair and unsightly. But trying to legislate rules through the transportation departments to impede free speech is also not a solution.

Thankfully some Supreme Court decisions, technology, our business leaders and you can help this project succeed where the industry failed. Please like us on Facebook and review the EqualFoot campagin to see how we are moving to reboot politics. Our grass roots effort will hopefully bring about needed change to our society.


The Supreme Court has made a distinction between commercial and noncommercial free speech. They can be intermixed which creates issues for authorities and their sign codes. An older decision in Metromedia vs San Diego remanded a prohibition against all off premise advertising as it placed a burden on both commercial and noncommercial speech. Many authorities have ignored this precedent and have enacted prohibitive sign off premise ordinances. Many have also enacted code which only allows billboards to be moved or replaced if a legal or grandfathered sign is removed which has created monopolistic opportunities for a number of sign companies. A recent decision in Reed v. Town of Gilbert may prove to be the total unraveling of the federal highway beautification act.

Regardless of the outcome, our opportunity is to reshape the industry with out technology. Digital billboards are becoming more pervasive and the cost to buy and operate a jumbo screen has become affordable. The sticker price for installing one and maintaining one is enough to prohibit most people from sticking one in their front yard. And if we can ask our business leaders to become members of our exclusive club and refrain from utilizing displays independent of our nonprofit assembly then we can limit how many locations are built and keep value to the locations that are built. Thus if we have rules and live by them, everyone wins. We the people get our free speech back. Advertising companies create a better product and can convert locations. New combolisk companies will emerge. Businesses will have efficient vehicles for broadcasting their creative ads. The Combolisk organization will provide free broadcast space to nonprofit businesses and to political candidates for free and any excess funds collected from a gross fee collected on the ads will be distributed to nonprofit workers. Everyone wins by managing the inherent use of land.


Please follow our links to learn more about the rules and processes for our emerging organization. We also hope that you will join our social media campaigns.

Thank you,


Founder Michael Macgowan Jr.