Before governments, people had to work together for survival. Before zoning, people had the right to use the land and live off of it for survival. Survival included the need to communicate with others along thoroughfares. The freeways of yesterday were game trails and paths that evolved into wagon trails and paths for railroad tracks. Today highways are built to link population centers, areas of production, and residential areas.

The Greek O"belisk"

The Greek Obelisk is the foundation for the Combolisk. Like the Washington monument, Obelisks were installed on the land to inform or broadcast to travelers. This is an inalienable right to people on real property. It is not a function of zoning. Zoning can only hinder the right to free speech. On the other hand, the use of Combolisks as Obelisks on the land must respect the right of all people. This means there is a right to use the broadcast space for the people but the value of the space must also be preserved. This means that there must be self-governance of the use of Combolisks as broadcasts sites on the land. Please see the Golden-Rules suggested for all people and businesses to adopt so that the value of the broadcast space can be preserved.

Digital Billboard

Digital billboards have been around a long time as scoreboards at sporting events. Their high cost to install and maintain precluded them for use as outdoor broadcast structures along highways. New technologies has made digital broadcast structures more affordable. 

Digital billboards are similar to a Smartphone or computer screen. The broadcast faces can be changed in less than a second. The changes can be done from a computer on the structure, a connection wired to the structure or wirelessly using cell or wifi technologies. 

Digital technologies eliminate the skilled labor and extensive equipment that are associated with static or permanent faces on billboard structures. It used to take a painter with equipment to physically produce a display face, rotary crew, or poster (like wall papering) to physically change copy on a billboard structure. These faces took time to change and develop as well as a high cost of production. Digital technology has new costs associated with the development and display in terms of LED, computer, connectivity and electric usage, but the key is that production and display costs for changing the copy is minimal. 


Com + bolisk

The Combolisk is a term coined from commuity and the Obelisk. It combines the rights of living men and women to use the public broadcast space by creating Obelisks with digital broadcast capabilites.

The Combolisk Project is for the development and use of Combolisks. Combolisks will be operated by living men and women on the land and soil jurisdiction. The Combolisks will provide free use to the benefit of all. Operators will solicit sponsors from business and commercial interests interested in promoting their goods and services between free public broadcasts. The distribution of Combolisks by the Golden Rules will ensure that Combolisks are distributed across the nation, operators are independent but that broadcasters can come to this single site for building broadcast showings across geographic or continental areas, and that the value of the outdoor broadcast space is preserved.