my story

i am a living man on the land and soil. i was a billboard operator in the Treasure Valley (Boise) Idaho. I sold my assets to Lamar many years ago.

i like to tell people i was born into the outdoor advertising industry. i was born almost two months premature while my father was away on an industry related trip to Detroit as a show of strength in numbers to the auto industry. i found it ironic that when I went to work for Idaho Outdoor Advertising many years later, i found myself driving a flat bed truck that was as old as me literally. It had been a vehicle that was lined up on the field at the event my father was at while i was being born.

On a trip to visit a billboard location while growing up, my father told me of the regulations to outdoor advertising. He showed me some recylcing boxes on the property which were an attempt to legitamize the industry and the right to be on the property. I spent my life trying to come up with ways to circumvent the control as even commerial advertising is sppech and i believe free speech has to be free. The value of the public broadcast space must also be preserved for the benefit of the people.

Some years ago, i noticed the change in technology as digital billbaords began to appear. There have also been important game changing legal cases. In Metromedia vs. San Diego the litigants successfully argued that a ban on all billboards is too restrictive a measure against speech in that billboards support commercial and nonprofit use. The justices agreed. More recently in Reed vs. Gilbert the justices declared a law unconstitutional that cannot provide a value for outdoor speech to be prevented between lawful times. These precedents and the digital billboard brought me to the idea of the Combolisk. By developing a structure with the intent to use and preserve the public space for free advertising, control is unwarranted. Commercial advertisisng between free public use is merely the vehicle to pay for the expense of development and maintenance of the broadcast structure as well as the livlihood of the operator.

i stumbled across the 50 state movement of the National Assemblies. There peaceful movement is lawful and will be the second Revolution and victory for the people without a shot being fired. Led by Anna Von Reitz, this group of patriots have spent 1000’s of hours researching and analying the history of this nation and the world realizing that we have been taken advantage of.

The advantage of the sovereign movement of patriots to restore their living status means it is important to recognize the need to coexist with commercial entities and to self regulate. Combolisks will be reserved for living individuals. Following the Golden Rules will change the outdoor broadcast space from one unconstitutionally controlled by government service corporations for the benefit of and oligopoly of operating corporations to a shared distribution of legal billboards and lawful Combolisks with many living operators and development by population and thoroughfare traffice rather than by zoning and control.

Our own government service corporations have kept us in a state of mercanary wars since the Civil War and have plundered us. We were taught all the slaves were freed only to learn that we have been declared dead slaves of a nonliving corporation. It is time for a restoration and for the corporations to help us restore our lawful government and rights of living men and women [indentity accepted]. By working together, we can all work and exist together. i ask you to review our Golden Rules and join the Combolisk Project.