We are all familiar with Old Glory. Are you aware that the flag we see every day is the war flag? Are you aware that a peace flag was commissioned by Treasury Secretary Wolcott in 1779? If the answer to these questions is no, please search for the post on American Nationals. There is a lawful movement in the nation to restore constitutional rights to jurisdiction on the land. This is what was won by the patriots in the Revolutionary War.

Following the Revolutionary War, there was a problem with flying Old Glory on the high seas. It was a target. Whether part of the merchant marines or a war ship, flying the American flag made you a target for aggression by enemy combatants. There was a need to distinguish between war ships and those at peace. In 1779 Secretary Wolcott created the peace flag. This flag put the stars on a white background, and he utilized opposite running stripes to make it easier to distinguish between ships at war and those that are at piece. This way those ships at peace would not be fired upon.

The question is why we not fly the peacetime flag now? The answer is that pirates from the sea and air jurisdictions have come on the land and have kept American people at war or at least under mercenary acts of aggression since the Civil War. And since the lawful Congress having the authority to declare war was not in session there was no declaration of a Civil War. We have been fooled ever since.

The sovereign movement is a peaceful movement to restore peace law and order in our nation. This can be done by becoming knowledgeable about our history and demanding restoration of the Constitution and our lawful government. We can begin by identifying ourselves in peace and flying the peacetime flag.