(draft 09/26/22)

If you are pulled over, roll down your window 2” and ask the LEO if there is an emergency requesting your assistance. If so, do as directed as we are fellow servants of the public law.

If not, hand them the following request for records. Said request is based on the presumption that you have Z plates and that there is an additional notice on your dash or by you informing the LEO of your status. This way the LEO stands noticed and you may request the records below to file a case against the insurance bond of the Agent that has misidentified you and unlawfully detained you.


WHEREAS peaceful living men and women on the land of Colorado [unincorporated] having declared a changed political status [including immunity to your corporation under Amendment 11] to the land/soil sea and having published this status as noticed by my exempt Z plates you saw approaching me as first notice, having evidence of a second notice of my status on the dash in front of you, and having expectation that you have knowledge of the public notices/schedules filed with the State of Colorado [incorporated] filed here https://americaunincorporated.org as records#Co22-2021-2XU73-574PS,  i lawfully request records pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act § 24-72-201 et seq. and/or the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act § 24-72-301 to file a personal lien against you as a public servant. Within the statute of time allotted, the following instruments/data are to be transmitted to records@combolisk.org with c patriciatricia.billinger@state.co.us. In the event you cannot transmit the records electronically, please mail the records to:

The Colorado Asembly

Records Division

PO Box 1124

Morrison, CO 80465

  1. Your legal name and badge number
  2. Your superior’s name and badge number
  3. The incident or any report made of this detention
  4. Your lawful jurisdiction in LAW (land/air/water)
  5. Your personal bond as a public servant
  6. The bonding Agent over said bond in 3.

Having no desire to contract with you and with a schedule of fees allocated in part by hourly rates, i desire to leave. Please leave me your business card. Thank you for your service. To become better educated into your status as a Citizen of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN, please visit AnnaVonReitz.com.

In the event you are not peaceful, I hereby request a WRIT OF HABEAUS CORPUS. This writ is pre-drafted for me as a Colaordo State National and can be found at  https://combolisk.org/writ. Please see that a copy is filed with my case number or i can provide you a copy.