As the last man standing, I Noticed Sheriff Cooper of the State of Colorado, County of Fremont Agent defacto government services corporation. The file sherifffremontcolorado.pdf ( was sent by USPS first class postage to the address given to me by an agent at said address. I post the Notice on 1/3/22. I have not received a response. Time is of the essence in moving forward especially due to new dangers that Anna Von Reitz has made known in her recent articles. One is that those that have taken the jab have a one in forty thousand chance of surviving the next seven years. The other is that the chance of a viable baby appears to be down around one in four. We have a responsibility to preserve the human race, report crimes and follow the public LAW.

The Second Notice to sheriff Cooper will be sent by certified mail return receipt. It will include a request for records regarding the First Notice. It will also include a request under their code for data regarding Notices the Colorado Assembly made to Governor Polis of the State of Colorado.

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents, This is a basic maxim of LAW. Once you have been served Notice, it is your responsibility to forward that Notice up and down the chain of command so that all in an organization, corporation or entity becomes aware and accountable to those Notices.

I noted on the Writ page, an error regarding the use of USC 8 to claim being a National. State Nationals do not claim this as the Federal code is for Federal employees of the Territorial and Municipal government service providers. I claim being a Colorado State National not an American State National on a US Territory.