Yesterday was the final step in due process for service of two entities and the fiduciary of the United States unincorporated as a result of pursuit of the unincorporated Combolisk Project. I sought an agreement to locate the first Combolisk at 6160 S. Wabash Way in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Since the project is in the tradition of Paul Revere, I asked for help from the HIGHLINE COMMUNITY CHURCH. The church alleges to be “in Christ” so a project like the display of lanterns in the steeple of the North Church in Boston should have been received as part of the “Great Commission” of all Christians regarding the truth that Christ died for our sins in all jurisdictions of Land, Air and Water, LAW. The church is not a properly formed corporation and has no agent to link to an actual living sovereign with decision making abilities. The international maxim, notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents is sufficient for all matters to be brought to the attention of the responsible living sovereign for any fictional entity like a corporation that has been Noticed. This is from Genesis and the LAW of kinds. No fiction is greater than the creator. The chair must forward the Notice to the carpenter.

As I was Noticing the church, I investigated the chain of title. I found that the Union Pacific Railroad Co. was in receipt of the original Land Patent from the US after it had become bankrupt with remaining assets absorbed by the Union Pacific Corporation. I had already Noticed them once for alternate locations and did not receive a response. They were also told that incorporations are legal fictions and cannot own Land/soil on the unincorporated Colorado which is now under reconstruction [organic government]. UP did not respond to two Notices so a third Notice was sent out to complete due process as Public LAW.

The described address is part of Section 21 in Arapahoe County of Township 5 South Range 67 West. My wife and I claimed all UP Land by last man standing and Acts 2. As part of the Public LAW we give back the rest of the UP Land granted by Patent to the original living men and women that were deeded the property prior to receipt of the Land Patents by UP.

The Public Law created fixes the fraud that occurred by the former UP. The 1789 and 1780 Constitutions provide for enumerated services to dispose of US Land as necessary for these enumerated services like Post roads and defense. The Pacific Railway Act and modifications provide for the sale of Land to build the rail from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. Requirements to receive Land Patents included completion of x number of miles based on the location of the completed segments and approval by a Commission as satisfactorily built. These were troubling times for the railroads and Land Patents were not issued in some cases like Section 21 until 28 years after the Golden Spike was driven proclaiming a completed meeting between the East and West rails.

Fraud occurred when the previous UP sold and deeded properties that had not been patented to them under the terms of the contract. This was color of title and was not resolved through the bankruptcy and not addressed by the new UP when they were granted the Land Patents in the name of the former UP. While it could be argued that this was just bad record keeping and an oversight, the real issue is that the new UP did not attempt to have the issue fixed when it received the Land Patents for property that had been deeded before receipt of the patents. If they would have tried to sell the Patented Lands, the issue would have come up as the section with the church had been sold to the Denver Arapahoe Land Company that also went into bankruptcy before the Land Patent #39 was issued.

The new UP did their best to resolve the issue of fraud by issuing a recorded DISCLAIMER in 1982. They indicated that they had no interest in the sections 21, 25, and 27 deeded to Rufus Clark in 1891. The problem is that fictional or living entities cannot deed property that they do not have ownership of or allodial title in. Fraud vitiates everything. Following Notice of these entities, the fraud is fixed and limited to title claims within Section 21. Please see the Notice links below for more details of how everyone benefits from the actions taken to disclose and resolve the fraud that was made part of the Land.

Since the State Assemblies are now in session and there is a Federation of these Assemblies with a head of state and fiduciary for the United States of America, unincorporated, all relevant entities and those representing LAWful decision making for the Land/soil have been notified. Anna Von Reitz is the fiduciary and has been working in to restore the trust and asset interests of the US in Interational global Air jurisdiction. Her work will benefit the whole world as we recognize how to move out of the crimes of personage into international jurisdiction and back to the Land/soil where we reside from birth until unknowingly are converted by birth certificate and multiple contracts to become dead asset Citizens of incorporations.

Please visit the following links for more information:

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Patent #39 issued to Union Pacfic Railroad Company in 1897

Union Pacific Railroad Company Disclaimer 6/28/1982 R2185423 Book:3659 Page:669