Writ of Habeas Corpus for Colorado State Nationals that have declared their political status

Peace Proclamation and notice to Governor Polis of the State of Colorado [incorporated]

Default and schedules on notice above

Service to:

El Paso District 4:

Chief Justice Bain

Magistrate Nafziger

Federal District Court


Washington DC record sealed. No jurisdiction for a Colorado habitant. This is in error as the MUNICIPAL Federal Service Provider extends to all State of States as acts of Piracy.

Supreme Court

Returned of Service Letter

Resubmitted with Letter addressing clerks and Justices as USA Citizens

Updated unsigned draft


1854: Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 opened up the Kansas Territory including what would become the Colorado Territory in a blood bath for settlement between opposing Union and Southern interests.

1861: Colorado Territory was formed from the Kansas Territory in 1861.Civil War [mercenary conflict] begins. President Lincoln suspends writ of Habeas Corpus for States of States [incorporated states as Lincoln is head of the Territorial Corporation DBA the corporate United States providing Foreign Services to develop territories into organic states] . Lincoln’s suspension challenged by Supreme Court.

1865: Writ of Habeas Corpus suspension lifted by Proclamation of President Johnson [southern states excepted]. Writ is thus lifted for Colorado Territory.

1876: Colorado became a State of State [corporation DUNS 76438621]