Today First Notice is being sent to Denver metro area Title companies based on a list generated by Google search. The title companies are given an opportunity to enter a trade agreement with the principals regarding the recently salvaged and claimed [Clark Colonies] Section 21 of Township 5 South 67 West from the 6th Principal Meridian on Arapahoe County, Colorado. This section was originally part of Land Grants intended as payment for the building of the transcontinental railroad from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. This section and others are part of the Combolisk Project to bring forward the truth. As we investigated a proposed Combolisk in the section, the chain of title revealed that Union Pacific Railroad Company assumed it would get approved for the rail built and sold the section and others before it was granted by the US to UP. The problem is that this was fraud and there was much fraud associated with the rail being built and the company went bankrupt.

The new Union Pacific Corporation recorded a DISCLAIMER indicating that the former UP had sold the section to Rufus Clark. That fraudulent chain turned into the Clark Colonies Section 21 subdivision based on the fraudulent sale to Rufus Clark and then to others. The land patents issued when the track was finally approved after the default deadline were issued in the original UP name. The new UP could not receive the land patents because it did not file a name use in Colorado. And it denied receipt with DISCLAIMER leaving the section and others lost at sea.

We made multiple notices and published a claim for land patent and use of the name on the land. Our wages for bringing the fraud forward and utilizing a trade with residents for recovery fees from title companies was proposed and part of the Notices. The acquiescence of the parties led to public LAW to the benefit of all. The residents can return to the land jurisdiction by becoming Colorado State Nationals and receive a share of the title insurance claim. The return of the land to land patent status also removes any encumbrances like mortgages. So the residents returning to the land should benefit and help promote the truth in the Combolisk project. Those residents that wish to stay under the Residence Act must assign a living overseerer and pay the royal estate [real estate] tax to the owners that are first in line, first in time, us. This is also true for incorporations as legal dead fictions. The LAW [Genesis Land, Air, Water ] of kinds and lack of treaty prevents anything dead from owning land in the united States.

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