First Notice was made to Denver metro area title companies to offer contract for reduced exposure to lability for title policies. Fraud has recently been discovered regarding the former Union Pacific Railway Company selling title to properties that had not been granted to it before it went bankrupt. The Title companies were offered contract to limit their exposure to billions of dollars worth of fraud. Public LAW was created when we made claim to the original grant made to Union Pacific Railway Company because the original fictional entity went bankrupt. The succeeding Union Pacific Railroad Corporation and holding company failed to accept the sections as they previously recorded a DISCLAIMER attempting to validate the fraudulent sales to Rufus Clark and others prior to receipt of the grants.

The first limit of exposure was by reducing the fraud to a single Section 21. The Rufus Clark sale was for most of Sections 21, 25 and 27. Our original claim and investigation was limited to Section 21. The Public LAW created by last man standing and other process to make claim in jurisdictions of land, air and water created public law. The limit of Section 21 is dependent on following the Public LAW and our claims. Without contract the Noticed title companies increase their exposure to all parcels created out of the original fraudulent titles offered by the former Union Pacific Railway Company.

The second limit is by our proposed contract with residents. All residents are trespassing on the affected properties. For those who desires to return to the land jurisdiction, we have offered opportunity to share the revenue generated by title policy claims. Those limits are dependent upon which or if both the title companies and residents respond to the offers given.

For more information, please vitit our home page link to Union Pacific Railway Company. Here is a link to the certificate of mailings and list of Title companies Noticed and second page.

Notices follows Biblical principle and American Common LAW. Any unrebutted Notice in the presence of two or three witnesses becomes public LAW including the proposed remedy. This is why you must always address every list item in a statement in the form of an affidavit. Acquiescence is acceptance and dishonor. By Ezekiel 33 you must also pass Notice to Principals and Agents. Otherwise, the remedy may fall on you personally as of the curing of the Motu Proprio of the Pope in 2013. There is no corporate veil for legal fictions when dealing with living men and [wo]men that have returned and/or declared their political status on land jurisdiction.