Notice updates to Section 21 claims on Arapahoe County, Colorado include the Second Notice to area Title Companies and Final Notice to the CITY OF GREENWOOD VILLAGE. The American Revolutionary War ended with three peace treaties. Those treaties culminated in the three Federal service providers that act as the U.S. and U.S.A.. The unincorporated original Constitution for the States of America under the Confederation of States has been awaiting rebuild since the Civil War. The southern confederation walked out leaving no quorum.

The Territorial service provider under the 1789 Constitution became incorporated as a Scottish corporation. The head of the corporation was the King of England as “prince” to the Pope. The Pope being King over the Commonwealth and administrator of the global trust is the default Principal for all matters in Air and Water jurisdictions as the current entities operating under various name are MUNICIPAL incorporations in the District of Columbia.

The Vickar General of the local Denver archdiocese is the secular office holder for matters in ecclesiastical administration of Global or Air jurisdiction. Since there have been no responses to Notices regarding the UP fraud in selling real estate, and the Agents notified are presumed to fail in Notice to Principals, the secular office was contacted.

The Notices Process in American Common LAW includes Statements in the form of an Affidavit. Unrebutted Notices by a principal with a wet stamp stand as Public LAW. It is the fiduciary responsibility of Agents to Notice Principals. This is based on Biblical LAW as watchmen and a fundamental tenet of being fiduciaries as prudent men under standard of behavior.

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