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Vickar General

Notice updates to Section 21 claims on Arapahoe County, Colorado include the Second Notice to area Title Companies and Final Notice to the CITY OF GREENWOOD VILLAGE. The American Revolutionary War ended with three peace...

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DENVER title companies First Notice

First Notice was made to Denver metro area title companies to offer contract for reduced exposure to lability for title policies. Fraud has recently been discovered regarding the former Union Pacific Railway Company selling...

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House cleaning COM

This is simply a link for public display. A certificate of mailing, COM is useful when addresses are known and we want to save money in expense to verify mail. COM is used to verify a third party; the USPS has received the mail...

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Title Insurance Table

  Union Pacific Railroad Company Sale of Lands before Patents Granted  [Project to bring Fraud Forward] Title Policy amount considered trade price for current resident to trade labor value [for claim and Noticing fraud] for...

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