has   In the tradition of Paul Revere, we the undersigned agree to the use and preservation of the outdoor broadcast space as follows:

  1. Commercial use of outdoor broadcast space will be limited to permitted signs, grandfathered existing uses as of the date you commit to the project, and Combolisks. The very first broadcast on new Combolisks will be for free public use. Up to five paid broadcasters may be broadcast twice before subsequent free messages. This way there will be a maximum of ten paid broadcasts between free broadcasts for the public.
  2. The strucutures described in 1. [above] will be registered with
  3. Combosks are for living biological men and women without regard to identified status. Corporations may not own Combolisks. Combolisks may be operated with leasehold interest in real properties. Leasehold interest may be by corporate ownership of real estate.
  4. To preserve the value of the broadcast space for the people, uses defined in 1. [above] will be distributed by county across the States by population, with numbers rounded up so that there is at least one outdoor broadcast use for all counties.

1 Combolisk per person per state (initial distribution of Combolisks across the nation as desirable). Parents may hold Combolisks for their children until adults.  This number may be adjusted for one transfer of the Combolisk for a death in the family increasing the holdings per person until the death of the person receiving the transfer. Married people may also receive transfers until both parties have passed. Upon the death, the Combolisk may be sold or transferred to heirs provided they do not already have their one Combolisk. If there is no interest or use of the Cobolisk for a year, the use will be transferred to the next person on the waiting list for the county. If none are available, to the next closest waiting living person in adjacent counties spreading if necessary across states until an operator is found for the Combolisk(s).

1 Combolisk per property. There is an oligopoly of media and Internet companies. This will favor a higher number of independent operators through attrition of large corporate holdings. Lawful digital billboards are not Combolisks.

1 structure described in 1 [above] per 3000 in population with not more than two faces per direction of travel. A population of 30,001 would thus be entitled to a total of 11 structures registered at In the event the county meets or exceeds said limit but has no Combolisks, 1 additional Combolisk to be added to that county as numbers are always rounded up. will maintain waiting lists for living individuals waiting for the population to increase. There will be no forced attrition of Combolisks. Billboards may face zoning attrition but should receive just compensation if removed by zoning mandate.

  1. Lawful content directed toward the betterment of humankind.
  2. We testify that it is in the interest of the people to utilize the outdoor broadcast space and increase the number of broadcast operators to distribute control over the broadcast space. Public free use will be organized through A recommended donation of 1 percent of gross broadcast fees should be returned for operational use. Ten percent of gross broadcast fees should be distributed to waiting living individuals interested in funding for the development of Combolisk sites provided the donating operator received donated funds for the development of that operator’s Combolisk site.
  3. We testify that it is in the interest of the people to preserve the value of the outdoor broadcast space.
  4. We understand that it is in the interest of the people that the people benefit from having living independent Combolisk operators rather than consolidation by corporations to distribute control of the public broadcast space to the many. Existing billboards have value. Static billboards in lessor populated use areas are important for more economical broadcast use by commercial and public use. Unused space should be available for use by nonprofits. Nonprofits may be charged for the development of broadcast face materials as well as nominal posting fees.
  5. We will notify our existing outdoor broadcast vendors of our insistence at adherence to these standards so that they may join the Combolisk unincorporated project.
  6. Our country of real States was founded on the principle that speech is an inalienable right to life liberty, and happiness while not harming our neighbors. Combolisks shall remain a land use on the soil and land jurisdiction of the States.