The Combolisk Project has added another trade name, Union Pacific Railway Company, UP to begin funding the development of Combolisk broadcast sites. This is based on trading revenue received from title claims with residents of Section 21 of Township 5 South 67 West from the 6th Prime Meridian in Arapahoe County, Colorado.

We began searching for the first Combolisk location along I-25 in Denver metro. As State Nationals, we use trade on the Land jurisdiction rather than commerce in Air and Water jurisdictions [LAW]. This way we can avoid the statutes [Highway Beautification Act]  restricting the use of off-premise sign structures as billboards in favor of the community based Combolisk broadcast sites by living in the tradition of Paul Revere.

The first step in separating jurisdictions after claiming State National Status is to return Land interest to its Land Patent rather than real estate [royal interest] and not be a resident of royal estate. This is allodial interest as domicile rather than residence [rented from the king].

We did a chain of title research for Section 21 and found that the chain of title ties back to the Union Pacific Railway Company, UP. This bankrupt company has been lost at sea for a decade and a half. We made claim as it has been more than seven years since the company has been heard from in its former name. Our claims to Land Patent #39 are recorded [E3047239] with the COUNRTY OF ARAPAHOE and on the Land at eVerify.AmaricanStateNationals.US.

This was a very turbulent time in history centered around the Civil War. The Union Pacfic Railway Company had been formed as part of the Pacific Railway Act to build a rail line from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. This Act in part granted odd sections of land to the railroad for a defined number of miles completed adjacent to the new track. Granting was dependent on a commission approving the track for use to move troops and posts by the Territorial and Municipal government contractors doing business as the United States of America [incorporated]. There was also a completion date deadline.

The former UP committed much fraud and breach of contract. The price of the line was nearly doubled in the Credit Mobilier scandal that made a lot of executives rich and bribed members of Congress. UP went bankrupt but not before selling three sections to Rufus Clark including Section 21. The problem is that UP did not own the Land before it was sold by deed to Clark. This became one of the many Clark Colonies [subdivisions] in the record.

UP did not own the Land it sold to Rufus Clark in 1891.  The Land Grant #39 [] for approved miles of track was not made until 1897. This was after UP was bankrupt and gone. There is no record for the UP name in the SECRETARY OF STATE so we made claim in all three jurisdictions LAW and filed for the trade name. Our claim is first in line and first in time following the work of Anna Von Reitz [acting as fiduciary] to establish an express trust for all Land Patents and assets taken by piracy from the Federal contractors acting as government service providers. The assets and interests are named in an irrevocable trust to ensure the living that we receive our rights to the inheritance our founders fought for.

UP did not claim Section 21 in a DISCLAIMER made by the parent company in 1982. The evidence of the completed railroad has been in use for over a century so the people got the rail line as part of the delegated authority that was granted by the Pacific Railroad Act [Foreign Constitution subcontractors] albeit after the deadline for completion had passed. Since dead corporations do not have any treaty to own Land, the lost asset has been claimed at sea, and no answer was made to Notices in the Air jurisdiction, our claims stand as public LAW.

 As landlords, we wish to educate victims, bring the fraud forward and provide remedy to all Parties affected by this fraud. Although ex post facto laws are not possible by Constitutional restriction to those under the Constitutions, our claims as living on the Land provide remedy through acquiescence to our Notices. To move forward, we reduced the fraud to the single Section 21 for all Parties in agreement. This trade agreement in Land jurisdiction, provides for discounts based on when the Parties provide commitment to the Public LAW as per the due process of providing  three Notices. It is important to note that title claims have a statute of limitations for U.S. Citizens. 

 Please see the following links for more information:

 Section 21 Land Patent #39


Claims and Notice in 3 jurisdictions including trade name

Section 21 map

 Section 21 Discount/Notice Table

Table of Parcels in Section 21  

First Notice to Greenwood Village [city hall is in Section 21] (Service)
Second Notice to Greenwood Village and Certificate of Mailing

Third   Notice to Greenwood Village and COM Page 2 Page 3

First Notice to Federal DOT and [Colorado DOT] (Service)

 Second Notice COM

 Final Notice COM

Denver metro area Title Companies Notice and Certificate of mailing

 Second Notice COM Page 2 Page 3